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Empire Asparagus Festival

Empire Asparagus Festival 

The Empire Asparagus Festival is an annual spring festival in Empire, MI that celebrates all things asparagus! Our client, the Empire Chamber of Commerce is the one who usually organizes the festival, so this year my team took on the marketing. I worked with the designers in my agency to create a marketing plan that included everything from paid Facebook advertising to print marketing materials. We didn't have a large budget to work with, so we planned our strategy out carefully. I worked with the design team to help create a consistent branded look for all of the materials and for the first time in the history of the festival we included a "face in the hole" board along with temporary tattoos. 

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Like most festivals, making money is important, so the overarching goal was to drive ticket sales for the festival. We wanted to sell as many pre-sale tickets as possible, so I set up online ticket sales early on. I created this Facebook campaign to promote ticket sales using an image that my design coworkers created. The budget was small, but at the end of this campaign we ended up selling just shy of a thousand dollars in tickets. 


Since it's an entirely volunteer run festival, getting volunteers to sign up was another high priority item on the list. I only spent around $20 (again, the budget was small!), but there were enough people that signed up to help make the festival run smoothly!  


The Asparagus Festival is such a unique event and it's all very lighthearted so I thought it would be a great way to commemorate it by doing something fun. What better way to do that than with a free temporary tattoo? I worked with the designers in my office on a design for the tat. After ordering it, the next step was to promote it. I covered my arm with tattoos and created a Boomerang that I then posted on Instagram and Facebook to promote.


This was the "face in the hole" board that I worked with a designer on to create. Since the "face in the hole" is popular at festivals (at least in the Midwest) and I thought it would be a perfect way to get people to take pictures and post them on social media. We encouraged them to tag us in those with #empireMI.