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Facebook has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but through it all, it has remained a valuable platform to share content and maintain a brand. I've managed countless Facebook pages and have done everything from every day management (including answering questions from people, responding to comments, etc.) to creating a social content calendar, scheduling out designed posts and I regularly set up and maintain several paid campaigns. As a social media manager it's my job to represent a brand and I work tirelessly to think of new ways to keep fans engaged with content. I've included a wide array of examples of some of the posts I've created below. 

Pictured Rocks Kayaking Interview.png
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For the Empire Chamber of Commerce, the focus of the Facebook page was to emphasize the natural beauty of Empire and the surrounding areas, as well as provide updates and information on chamber events. I was always looking for interesting shots, so my friend in the Coast Guard sent me several photos from the helicopter. I chose to post this one first because I immediately knew people would love it. This beach and area are really popular and since it's on a National Lakeshore drones are not allowed to fly over it, so this aerial perspective is rare.

The results spoke for themselves! It was the best performing post in 2017 and it was all completely organic.


I think one of the best parts about being a social manager is to get in the middle of the action. I snapped this picture while I was out kayaking on Lake Superior with this client (Pictured Rocks Kayaking) last summer. I interviewed these kayakers afterwards along with the two other kayakers to create two similar posts. I love authenticity in a brand and I thought this was a great way to capture people having fun while out on a tour. Whenever I can make social feel more personal, it gives me such satisfaction! 


I regularly look through Instagram for user content that I can use and share. I think it's important to cross mediums, especially when it comes to a really visual client like Pictured Rocks Cruises. The entire cruise is based on the beauty of Pictured Rocks, so I used Instagram a lot with this client. I've found that user content performs really well and it was also ideal for me, since this client is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so I couldn't be there on a daily basis to take photos. This post did really well, with 122 shares and 200 likes. 


This was the first Facebook Live video that I did and it went really well! I planned it around an open house that was happening aboard a ship that the maritime students use at NMC. I promoted it the day before as a "teaser" for the real tour that was happening the following weekend. I had real time interactions from people watching the video and afterwards there were 12 shares and 1.8K views. I've used Facebook Live since and especially with the new Facebook requirements, it's become an even bigger part of any social strategy I work on!