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I've managed Instagram accounts for a variety of clients, from one of the PNW’s oldest and largest real estate company’s to a community college, a bagpipe supplier, a regional magazine and more. I love using Instagram, not only because it's so visual, but because I think it's a great way to show the side of a brand that a consumer walking into a store or scrolling through a website wouldn't normally see. When I take on an Instagram account I work hard to create an accurate representation of the brand and one that's also consistent in its overall look and feel. 

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I redefined the look and strategy for John L. Scott’s Instagram. I created a content calendar to include more branded and lifestyle content. I worked with the staff designer to help update the logo for the profile as well as creating “on brand” social images and videos. Posting regularly and with a clearly defined tone was another goal. In less than six months I doubled the amount of followers almost completely organically and the numbers continue to rise!


Ella's is a high end women's, men's and interiors boutique in Traverse City, Michigan. Traverse City is seasonally driven, so part of my job was to maintain excitement about the store and products, especially in the winter. These were a few photos from a holiday social campaign that I worked with a local photographer on. The idea was to create several images that all fell under the category "Six gifts under $60." 


This was a really fun spur of the moment post! The store had just gotten this vintage purse in, so I did a quick photo shoot with it. I love how the gold and turquoise stand out against the graffiti. 


The Empire Chamber of Commerce represents a tiny and beautiful village of Empire, Michigan right in the heart of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. My vision for this Instagram feed was to remain focused on the natural beauty of the area. I sought out a local photographer on Instagram who lives in Empire. I reached out to her and asked her to do an Instagram takeover. This particular group of photos was the result. 


Northwestern Michigan College is a community college, but it's recently started making efforts to have a more prominent "on campus life" for students. As part of my social strategy for them I ramped up their presence on Instagram to give it a fresher and younger feel. This photo was taken on the opening day of the new dorm. It had the highest amount of likes compared to any other post in the entire month of August.