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Northwestern Michigan College BBQ

Northwestern Michigan College holds an annual fundraiser called the NMC BBQ each year which is entirely volunteer run. I created this particular social campaign to drum up ticket sales and volunteers for their annual fundraiser. I worked with the design team to create compelling social images and a Snapchat filter that would help bring in volunteers and attendees. I only ran this campaign in the week and a half up to the event, so I wanted to make sure that everything was branded and had a cohesive look. I had a social budget of $50 and used that to boost three posts and create a Snapchat filter.

NMC BBQ picnic.png

I wanted to create an image that was focused on the food part of the bbq, since it's so iconic. People attend the BBQ because it's a local tradition and a big part of that tradition is the food! I thought it would be fun to create an image that laid it all out there— literally.

I picked up these barbecue must haves and then myself and a designer styled this on a patch of grass outside of our office. I wrote the copy and the designer created the final image which was used on Facebook and Instagram. 

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This social image was designed specifically for a post that I could boost on both Instagram and Facebook in order to attract more volunteers to sign up. 


Although I didn't design this Snapchat filter, I did come up with the general concept and then worked with a designer on the execution. I promoted this image (with the filter overlaid) on both Facebook and Instagram.


This was only the second paid Snapchat filter that I ran for NMC. I think it performed well overall, especially considering the low budget ($6) and the older demographic that attends the BBQ.

BBQ Tickets.jpg
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In keeping with the branded look of the campaign this post was created specifically to help with ticket sales and to entice people to share it on Facebook.  


The results of the paid campaign were what I expected for a smaller budget and for a pretty limited audience. I wanted people to share it more than anything, so I was happy to see that was the biggest action.