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Community Filter

This was the first community filter that I worked on while I was at Oneupweb. It was early days for community filters and I wanted experiment with Snapchat, so I worked with a designer to come up with a few ideas. After she completed the design I submitted it to Snapchat with a brief write up justifying why they should make it live. Snapchat approved it and one day I noticed my friends using it in their stories and snaps! It's still live almost two years later on Snapchat. You can use it yourself, the next time you're in Traverse City, Michigan! 


The results


I included Snapchat a lot more in social strategies in 2017! It was a big part of my social strategy for NMC. As a community college they want to reach as many students as they can. And yes, there are students on Facebook and Instagram, but there's a missing demographic that exclusively uses Snapchat. I worked to close that gap a bit more. 

I helped with this by creating paid filters. I'd worked on a few community filters, but wanted to have filters students could use and share at more school events. I worked with a designer to create one for graduation, Pine Palooza (a back to school fair) and a community filter.

The results were promising considering our budget was low ($6). I promoted both on Facebook and Instagram, but the rest of the use was organic. Graduation was May 2017 and Pine Palooza was September 2017. On social media I encouraged students to send us snaps using the filter and quite a few did. I don't have results for the community filter, since we didn't pay for it. 

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